About the Institute

Founded in 1994, the MPIWG in Berlin is one of the more than eighty research institutes administered by the Max Planck Society. It is dedicated to the study of the history of science and aims to understand scientific thinking and practice as historical phenomena. Researchers pursue an historical epistemology in their studies of how new categories of thought, proof, and experience have emerged. More

Projects and Sources

Research at the MPIWG is carried out in individual and collaborative projects. To browse through the projects, use the keyword index of the institute. More

The MPIWG is an advocate of open access to scholarly knowledge and is committed to making sources in the history of science available online. More


“The sound of the oceans”—Lino Camprubi, research scholar of Department II, is interviewed on www.mpg.de.

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“The inconstant level of the sea”—Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, research scholar of Department III, on www.mpg.de and interviewed by RBB (in German): Go to Interview

New Articles and Preprints

Time (and time again): temporality, criticality, and the historical imagination; a conversation with historian of science Lorraine Daston, interview by Andrew Yang [Special Issue]. (2017). Deep Time Chicago Pamphlet Series. Download

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Song, J.-O., & Schäfer, D. (2017). Interpreting the collection and display of contemporary science in Chinese museums as a reflection of science in society. In A. Boyle, & J.-G. Hagmann (Eds.), Challenging collections: approaches to the heritage of recent science and technology (pp. 88-102). Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press.

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